Magical Egypt 2 Series 6-DVD set

Magical Egypt 2 Series 6-DVD set

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Now Magical Egypt series 2 pushes the entire investigation to the next phase. If, as modern science seems to be showing, there actually was a scientific culture that in many respects, was MORE advanced than we are today, or if it was advanced along technological paths different than western science has taken, can we find recoverable technology in the considerable relics and ruins left behind by the ancient world?

Magical Egypt is excited to include the unique voices of some of the worlds leading thinkers in “the new counterculture”, such as Graham Hancock, Neil Kramer, Lon Milo DuQuette, Robert Bauval, Laird Scranton, Max Igan and the host of the original series John Anthony West.

6-DVD set

Episodes One through Four of the much awaited sequel are now available.  Magical Egypt Two attempts a forensic reconstruction of the Science of the Ancients through a study of Ancient Aesthetics. 

Episode One:  Art Is the Prophet
Art is the expression of the state of consciousness of a culture. Shifts in the mode of art are often the harbinger of a society's collective consciousness. Studying an ancient culture through aesthetics reveals things  about a culture that are often not discernible through forensic analysis. Where science fears to tread and religion forbids us to look, the artist takes over as the rightful tool guide.

Episode Two: Art is the Bridge
This episode features graphic artist and illustrator Brad Klausen, who is well known in music circles as the creator of powerful artwork for major groups like Pearl Jam.  Klausen describes how his foray into ancient Egyptian art led him to study the brain and become well-versed in neuroscience, because what he found as he investigated various aspects of Egyptian shapes was that they faithfully depicted anatomical areas of the body and, more specifically, little known relationships with part of the human brain.

Episode Three: Horus on the Horizon
In this episode, we ask the questions:  Are there other ways of knowing things? Ways of knowing that extend beyond the limits of the scientific method?  Ways of knowing that explain how acupuncture came into being, or how the two plants out of possibly millions in the rainforest came together the create Ayahuasca?  These are just two examples of many where trial and error seem unlikely.  In fact, in this episode we propose that there is a "door inside your head," that Gary Osborn directs us to, that grants you access to so much more, even other worlds.

Episode Four: The Place in the Middle
As our forensic study of ancient aesthetics continues, this episode looks at a timeless set of symbols that seem to be present in every ancient temple- and pyramid-building culture since the beginning of recorded history.  These symbol clusters, which show nearly identical meanings and usage from culture to culture are all pointing to a highly taboo tradition, yet clearly one that was of central importance to the esoteric traditions of nearly every known ancient culture.  But in spite of its clearly central role in the ancient psyche, these traditions are either totally ignored or mercilessly attacked, greatly misrepresented and generally considered outside the domain of modern science, beyond blasphemous in theological circles, and apparently outside the boundaries of basic sanity itself.  This is important, not just for historical or academic reasons, but because the ubiquitous symbols point to a living scientific tradition that was well understood and used for obvious benefit in the ancient world, yet  it is all but unknown in the modern Western world.  It appears that a significant intellectual birthright has been withheld from the modern individual, which if returned, might trigger an almost inconceivable leap in intellectual, creative, and social evolution.  What was it about this arcane ancient science that has situated it in the crosshairs of scientific, religious, and anthropological taboo?  The ancient art is transmitting remarkably sophisticated schematics of what might be called our "psycho-sexual circuitry" and describing the roll that this primordial force played in allowing the student of consciousness to access higher, non-standard states of consciousness.  In this episode, we graduate from a speculative study of ancient art to an operative engagement with the timeless secrets of esoteric anatomy and the highly contentious science of accessing non-standard states of consciousness that we all have in potential but that in most, remain dormant and unexplored.
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