Issue 119 - Sept/Oct 2016 Egypt's Obelisk Mystery

Issue 119 - Sept/Oct 2016 Egypt's Obelisk Mystery

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In this issue:

Alternative News

Dissenting Opinion

Michael Cremo - The Age of Human Life on Earth

Trouble with Gravity Waves? Can the Science Match the Hype?

Isaac Newton and the State of Israel - Did He Predict It?

Marriage Taboos - Social Evolution or Deliberate Design?

Dinosaur Tales - Did the Road to Extinction Take a Detour?

The Dragon Factor - Could the Myths Be Truer than We Thought?

Inner Voices - Distinguishing Friend from Foe

The Quest for King Arthur's Lost Tomb

Egypt's Obelisk Mystery - How They Were Made and Moved Remains Unproven

Ancient Alignments - Could There Have Been a Prehistoric World Order?

Death:the Mystery - What Awaits Us?