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PUBLISHER'S LETTER BY J. DOUGLAS KENYON Atlantis Rising Special Issue Now in Stores It gives me great pleasure to introduce the first Atlantis Rising Collector's Special Issue on Ancient Mysteries. Available on newsstands everywhere, you will now find our great content, presented, as never before-with a hundred pages (including covers), featuring 18 recently published articles on some of the most interesting archaeological discoveries of our time. To facilitate easy reading the text is a little bigger; and all of the full-color pictures which ran with the original articles are included. With glossy paper and a 'perfect' binding, this is a stunning package for your enjoyment. Moreover, stories do not break-as with regular issues-to the back of the magazine (a feature made possible by our choice to limit advertising to only our own material). The Atlantis Rising Special Collector's Edition on Ancient Mysteries sells in the U.S. and Canada for just $9.99. Hopefully this will be the first of many such issues in state-of-the-art presentations focusing on the unique areas that we cover. ALTERNATIVE NEWS Human Timelines Shattered by New Finds In West Africa & Europe In Morocco scientists have found Homo sapiens fossils dating to 315,000 years ago, pushing back the official dawn of our species by 100,000 years. The details reported in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal Nature in June, could throw a 'monkey wrench,' so to speak, into the African Genesis scenario religiously adhered to by most paleontologists. It now seems clear that the East African human episode, cited by mainstream scholars, was, if anything, a later development and not the seminal event it has been portrayed to be. Researchers at Jebal Irhoud in Morocco have concluded that humans developed at about the same time all across Africa, many thousands of years before the East African events once believed to represent the dawn of the human saga. Bird Preserved in Amber for Many Millions of Years? For over a century and a half, the conventional Darwinian view of natural history-going back 200 million years and more-has been that only petrified fossils remain to be discovered by people like us. No soft tissue, and no DNA, from that period could possibly have survived until the present day. The suggestion promoted by the Jurassic Park movies, that DNA could have been preserved in amber artifacts, was dismissed by science as sheer cinematic fantasy. New developments, however, may force the establishment to reconsider some of its most cherished beliefs. Tabby's Star Dimming Again The legend of Tabby's Star, or KIC 8462852, is continuing to grow, even as the star has strangely begun to dim again. The new dimming was reported in May, and astronomers were expected to be hard at their telescopes, trying to come up with a plausible explanation. Right now, the suggestion that we may have stumbled upon an alien megastructure of some kind is as good as any other, and maybe better. No other star has ever been reported behaving this way. EMP Weaponized A powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) would be one of the most devastating bi-products of any nuclear explosion, rendering useless anything electrical belonging to a society. The specter of such warfare has intrigued many science fiction fans for years, but the dangers are anything but fictional. In "EMP Wars," the cover story for our January / February, 2017 issue, Atlantis Rising underscored the subject. Now, new developments are making it clear that even without nukes, the EMP threat remains very real. Does Our Sun Have a Twin? Astronomers are taking another look at the theory that our sun may have a long-lost twin. They haven't found it yet, but, nevertheless, they call it 'Nemesis.' According to a soon-to-be-published study with the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, some astronomers believe that most stars begin life as a pair. Some stay close, but others move far apart. Indus Valley Teeth Now Talking Again Ancient Indus Valley natives have been silent for millennia. Even though we have, on thousands of ceramic seals, fragments of a written language, science has not yet decoded them. And even though we know the Indus/Harappan civilization possessed a sophisticated understanding of advanced math, practical architecture, and city planning, we still have not learned their complete story. Giant Martian Hole Defies Explanation Could a hole on Mars be some kind of portal into a previously unknown underground domain? Or is it something else? NASA doesn't yet know what to make of a giant hole that has suddenly appeared in the southern polar region. Photographed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), the almost perfectly circular hole, or pit, is, so far, unexplained by any authoritative analysis. Noah's Ark Said Found... Again A group of hunters for Noah's Ark is claiming to have found it, finally. Others, including fellow evangelical Christians, have their doubts. Turkish and Chinese explorers from a group called Noah's Ark Ministries International announced their 'discovery' in April at their Hong Kong headquarters. They, of course, are not the first making such claims, and not the first to say that it is on Mount Ararat in Turkey. Nevertheless, the explorers claim to be "99.9 percent" certain that this time they have really found it. 40K-Year-Old Hi-Tech Jewelry Discovered At a Siberian site called Denisova Cave, Russian archaeologists have found, among the bones of extinct animals, including a woolly mammoth, a very sophisticated bracelet. The potentially game-changing artifact has been dated to at least 40,000 years ago. Indeed, there are other artifacts on the scene dating back 125,000 years. Large Ancient City Found in Turkish Cave In June, 2017 came the announcement of an ancient, underground city, with 52 chambers, newly discovered in the Kayseri area of Turkey. Longer than a football field, the complex is larger in area than previously discovered structures in Kaymakli and Derinkuyu in the Cappadocia. DISSENTING OPINION Strange Flashes on Earth Detected from Space One million miles from Earth, a NASA camera is capturing unexpected flashes of light reflecting off our planet. The homeward-facing instrument on NOAA's Deep Space Climate Observatory, or DSCOVR, launched in 2015, caught hundreds of these flashes over the span of a year. As keen observers from outside NASA wrote in, questioning the source of these lights, scientists deciphered the tiny cause to the big reflections: high-altitude, horizontally oriented ice crystals. the forbidden Archaeologist BY MICHAEL A. CREMO Cuba's 'Sunken City' Revisited In the year 2000, Paulina Zelitsky and her husband Paul Weinzweig, who owned and operated a company in Canada called Advanced Digital Communications (ADC), were doing research for the Cuban government in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico off the western tip of Cuba (the Guanahacabibes Peninsula). They were using sonar to scan the ocean bottom for old Spanish shipwrecks, which might be the source of treasure, but they found something even more interesting-the apparent remains of a submerged city. BBC News reported on December 7, 2001: "The explorers first spotted the underwater city last year, when scanning equipment started to produce images of symmetrically organized stone structures reminiscent of an urban development" THE UNEXPLAINED The Betz Sphere Mystery BY FRANK JOSEPH In the history of paranormal phenomena, the Betz Sphere is without parallel. Even so, Atlantis Rising readers may be unfamiliar with it, if only because little has been said or published about the object over the last forty years. Since then, occasional arguments alternatively crediting or debunking this mystery have confused, rather than clarified, what really happened. Putting all partisan squabbles aside, these are the facts, incredible as they may seem: On the Wednesday afternoon of March 27, 1974, Antoine Betz, a marine engineer, was joined by his wife, Gerri, and son, Terry Mathew-a 21-year-old pre-med student-on Ft. George Island, several miles east of Jacksonville, Florida. They were inspecting the smoldering result of a small brushfire that had just burned itself out across an 88-acre swathe of woodland near some property the family had recently purchased. Well timbered, with moss-draping trees and tropical scrub, Ft. George was an oasis of dry ground amid the Sunshine State's northeastern marshlands. ANCIENT WISDOM MENORAH: THE AKHENATEN CONNECTION Could There Be a Secret Link Between the Lamp of Moses and the Heretic Pharaoh? BY JONATHON PERRIN The menorah has long been one of Judaism's most important symbols, being the emblem on the coat of arms of Israel. It is a seven-branched, semi-circular lampstand, often covered in gold, topped with seven candles or oil lamps. It is most associated with Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of "Lights." However, the origins of the "golden lampstand" go back to the Torah of Moses, specifically the book of Exodus. These origins are still cloaked in mystery. ANCIENT MYSTERIES DECODING THE GIANT LEGENDS Is Their Story Bigger Than We Realized? BY WILLIAM B. STOECKER In folklore, even in the Judeo-Christian Bible, there are tales of giants in ancient times, human or near-human beings of awesome size and strength, often hostile, even demonic in nature. Could these accounts be more than fantastic legends? Could there once have been not just individuals (Like Goliath in the Bible) but entire races of gigantic people? ANCIENT TECHNOLOGIES Gods of the Mayas Astronauts or Not? BY ERICH VON DANIKEN On the Pacific coast of Guatemala, not far from Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, the clearing work done in 1860 brought some magnificent Mayan steles to light (today, they are known as the Bilbao monuments). The native population did not think much of it, because farmers repeatedly would encounter carved stones. News of the discovery reached the Austrian Dr. Habel, who explored the region in 1862, and had drawings made of the steles. He later showed them in Berlin to the director of the Ethnological Museum of Berlin at the time, Dr. Adolf Bastian (1826-1905). He was enthusiastic and wanted to install the steles in his museum, and he traveled to Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa in 1876. There, he bought the steles from the owner of the finca (farm) and contractually secured the rights to any future discoveries. But the trip from Guatemala to Berlin was arduous. ALTERNATIVE SCIENCE The Thought-form factor Could Our Problems Be All in Our Heads? BY BRENDAN D. MURPHY In his excellent book The Holographic Universe, the late American physicist Michael Talbot recorded some fascinating clairvoyant observations. For example, once during a reading, American "human energy consultant" Carol Dryer saw a bunch of potatoes whirling around a woman's head. She was at first dumbfounded but summoned her courage and asked if potatoes had any special meaning for her. As it turned out, the woman was from the Idaho Potato Board, or something roughly equivalent. In other words, potatoes were a very significant and meaningful part of her life. UNSUNG HEROES IMMORTAL KNOWLEDGE Egypt's Ancient Secrets Were Unlocked for R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz BY ROBERT MENDEL Scholar without peer, tireless researcher, gifted esotericist, occultist, alchemist, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz was motivated by a metaphysical vision concerning the nature of cosmic harmony and an awareness of humanity's place in the evolution of consciousness. Fortunately, he was the man who wrote the book on Ancient Egypt. The Gurdjieff Mystique A New Biography Tells a Seldom-Told Tale BY TOBIAS CHURCHTON George Ivanovich Gurdjieff was born in Alexandropol (modern Gyumri) in Russian-controlled Armenia, almost certainly in 1877, the son of Greek parents from the communities of "Pontus Greeks" who lived in Turkey in the area around Gumushane, 40 miles south of Trebizond on the Black Sea coast. ALTERNATIVE PALEONTOLOGY JURASSIC SOFT TISSUE Do Dinosaur Discoveries Debunk Darwinian Dating Dogma? BY STEPHEN E. ROBBINS, Ph.D. Who knew? How could we have known that dinosaurs were such saintly beings? St. Bernadette, St. Silvan, stand aside (see "The Mysterious Gifts of the Saints" AR #124). The Church of Orthodox Science has declared the bodies of the clearly holy dinosaurs to be, well, incorrupt. Well, almost, but hey, 199.5 million years of preservation for even a saint's body isn't all that bad. Pilgrimages are being organized. LOST HISTORY TEMPLARS IN NEW MEXICO Could the Spanish Conquistadors Have Had a Secret Agenda? In the twenty-first century we can expect historical discoveries in deserts or jungles, but writer-researcher Louis Serna made a very unusual discovery in a hotel lobby. Serna was in the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico when he spotted a 42-inch stone pillar inscribed with a Templar cross on each side. ALTERNATIVE ARCHAEOLOGY INSIDE THE SACRED CAVES OF INDIA Reminders of Ancient Fire from the Sky? BY ROBERT M. SCHOCH, Ph.D. Recently my wife, Katie, and I traveled to India for the first time (April 2017), excited to visit this ancient land of mysteries. As a geologist, I had a particular interest in seeing the country's magnificent caves and temples, from the Ajanta and Ellora structures cut deep into the bedrock near Aurangabad, to the ornate and towering edifices of Khajuraho. ASTROLOGY Jupiter in Scorpio, Light in Inner Space BY JULIE LOAR Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign and is described as a fixed water sign. British astrologer Ronald Davison has said, "Each water sign prepares the way for a new kind of manifestation, and every fixed sign represents a particular gathering of power." The zodiac includes three water signs: Cancer's cardinal water energy can be seen like the ocean and constantly shifting tides. The mutable water of Pisces can be described as water in motion from streams to waterfalls, and Scorpio's fixed energy is like a tsunami, a water spout in the ocean, or the unrelenting march of a glacier.