Issue 70 - How Old Is the Earth, Really?

Issue 70 - How Old Is the Earth, Really?

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Early Rays

Report from the Front

The Forbidden Archaeologist
Why Can't Science See the Light? Is the Evidence for NDEs Considered?

Crimes, Clairvoyance & A. Conan Doyle
Why Was He so Interested in the Invisible World?

New Englan's Sun Temples
Shouldn't We Appreciate Them?

Mega Saws of the Pyramid Builders
How Did the Ancients Cut Their Giant Stones?

The Superhero Factor

Mystery of the Black Madonna

In the Beginning...
The TROUBLE with Fundamentalist Creationism

How Old Is the Earth, Really?
Looking into the TROUBLE with Scientific Dating

Atlantis of the Pacific?
Exploring the Mystery of Nan Madol

Atlantis of the Sands?
Does a Lost Ancient City Help Us to Answer Questions About the Origins of Civilization?

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