Issue 76 - Civilization: 12,000 Years Old?

Issue 76 - Civilization: 12,000 Years Old?

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In this edition #76:


Early Rays

Report from the Front

The Forbidden Archaeologist
New Evidence for Old (Very Old Indeed)

The Pyramids of Scotland Revisited
Should Egypt Feel Indebted?

Practical Time Travel?
Exploring the Possibilities

The Curious Death of Harry Houdini

Deathbed Visitations
Can the Dying Communicate with the Other Side?

The Other Sun of God
The Strange Story of Mithraism

How Old is the Antikythera Machine?

Lake Michigan's Mastadon

Civilization: 12,000 Years Old?
New Turkish Discoveries and the Sphinx Age

The Cities of the Deep Atlantis Theory:
Based on Real Evidence or not?

The Great Pyramid and the Duat
Were the Builders Mapping the Afterlife?


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