Issue 79 - Avalon In America?

Issue 79 - Avalon In America?

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In this edition #79:


Early Rays

Report from the Front Jeane Manning Returns

The Forbidden Archaeologist Fate of the Hobbits

The Lost Mind Plumbing Dan Brown's Latest for New Secrets

Roswell's Miracle Metal New Evidence of Back-Engineering a Crashed UFO

The Paranormal Travels of Mark Twain

Shasta: Mountain of Mystery

A Surgeon Searches for the Soul Neurosurgeon, Dr. John Turner

Life in the Solar System: Then and Now

Kundalini Universal Ladder of Awakening

Avalon In America? Evidence that King Arthur Crossed the Atlantic

Romans in America? Orthodoxy Misses Out on Still Another Mystery

Wallis Budge Gets the Last Word Surprising New Evidence Supports the Controversial Linguist


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