Issue 81 - The Case for Immortality

Issue 81 - The Case for Immortality

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In this edition #81:


Early Rays

Jeane Manning Remembering a Fallen Hero of Forbidden Science

Michael Cremo An Out-of-Place Artifact Challenges Standard Science

The Doomsday Fallacy The Other Side of Prophecy

Between Ice Ages The Long Summer of Civilization Building

Fate of the Watchers Tracking the Beings Who Fell to Earth

The John Dee / 007 Connection Queen Elizabeth's "Merlin" and James Bond

Energy from the Vacuum

In Search of the Abominable Snowman

Ancient Europeans in America

The Case for Immortality Cutting Edge Science confirms Ancient Wisdom

War and Reincarnation When Children Struggle with Past Life Trauma

Following the Labyrinthine Path What Do the Patterns in Ancient Caves and Gothic Cathedrals Really Mean?


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