Issue 82 - Easter Island's Mystery

Issue 82 - Easter Island's Mystery

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In this edition #82:


Early Rays

Jeane Manning
New Respect for New Energy Researchers

Michael Cremo
Grounded with Dr. Moody by a Volcano

Ancient Cities in the Jungle?
New Light Shed on Old Legends

The Sphinx: Lion or Jackal?
Joseph Jochmans Takes a Closer Look at the Evidence

Remembering William James
A Century After His Death, He Remains a True Hero

Searching for the Secrets of Treading on Hot Coals

The Copper Scroll Conundrum

Mysteries of Body Wisdom
Does Muscle Testing Work?

The Strange Death of Caravaggio

Easter Island's Mystery Script
Is it the Record of an Immense Catastrophe?

A King of Atlantis for Colombia Did Plato Point the Way to South America?

Time Traveling for the U.S. Military
The Very Odd Story of Andrew Basiagio


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