Issue 87 - Hitler's Last Card

Issue 87 - Hitler's Last Card

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In this Issue:


Early Rays

Jeane Manning
Italian Cold Fusion?

Michael Cremo
Thoughts on Ancient Aliens

Egyptology on the Brink
A Political Earthquake Rattles Mainstream Archaeology

Gardens Under the Sea
Have the Answers We Seek Been Drowned for Millennia?

Easter and the Rites of Spring
Mysterious Celebrations of Rebirth and Renewal

Lineages of Spiritual Power
The Secrets of Passing the Torch

The Lost Legacy of Freemasonry

NDEs in the Olden Days
Is Modern Research Late to the Game?

Mirror Factors What Do They Really Reveal?

Hitler's Last Card
Did War's End Prevent a Nasty Surprise?

The Icon that Saved Russia
The Real Story Behind the Tangled International Politics

Secrets of the Geoglyphs
The Ancient Designers Clearly Knew a Few Tricks


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