Issue 89 - Ancient Astronauts or Guiding Spirit

Issue 89 - Ancient Astronauts or Guiding Spirit

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In this Issue:

Early Rays

Jeane Manning

Michael Cremo
What Do We Really Know About Ancient Giants?

The Enigma of the Carpathain Sphinx
Following the Neanderthal Trail in Eastern Europe

Mitterrand's Monuments
Esoteric Architecture Still Lives

Frederic W.H. Myers
Psychology's Forgotten Man

Roerich and Tibet
Traveling the Road to Shambhala

Legend of the Three Marys
There's More to the Story than Dan Brown Told Us

Gods of the Runes
Is There Power in Ancient Letters?

Out-of-Body Experiences

Ancient Astronauts or Guiding Spirit?
The Mysterious Origins of Ancient Technology

Nuclear Meltdown and Time Dilation
Did Japan's Tragedy Modify Space-Time?

Atlantis and the Stars
Should the Search Be Directed Upward?


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