CITY OF SRI KRISHNA: The Story of Ancient Dwaraka

CITY OF SRI KRISHNA: The Story of Ancient Dwaraka

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By Vanamali

Transporting us back five thousand years to the time of Krishnavatara, the age in which Krishna lived, Vanamali leads us on a journey alongside Lord Krishna as he reigns over the ancient port city of Dwaraka and helps the Pandavas through the Mahabharata War. Recounting ecstatic celebrations, Krishnas love for his wives and sons, and events surrounding the epic war, the author stresses Krishna‘s ability to contain all opposites and stand above duality like a lotus leaf floating on a running stream.

She provides a historical timeline for the Mahabharata War and the sinking of Krishnas city beneath the sea--3126 BCE and 3090 BCE, respectively--and shows how the Mahabharata War occurred under circumstances quite similar to those of the present day, both politically and astrologically.

6X9 P/B, 608 pp.