DEAD SAINTS CHRONICLES: A Zen Journey Through the Christian Afterlife Book

DEAD SAINTS CHRONICLES: A Zen Journey Through the Christian Afterlife Book

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By David Solomon

On June 2013, as David Solomon neared the end of his research into 5,000 NDE (Near-Death Experience) accounts, an MRI revealed he had terminal glioblastoma brain cancer (GBM). Given just 15 months to live, the race was on to turn his massive study into a book. 34 months and less than two weeks after having this book in his hand, Solomon passed away in his home in Virginia Beach. A Christian Minister and scholar, he completed this book that, through the lens of his own dying experience, magnifies and brings the NDE into sharp focus revealing mysteries of the hereafter as nothing written before has done. Intended for readers of all backgrounds and creeds, it dispels common myths and calms common fears providing a practical guide towards inner growth and how to hear God's still, small voice everyday.

Answers questions about salvation and death that affect our afterlife destination. Resolves the apparent paradox of the Christ within and a very real historical Jesus, the Planetary Headmaster who oversees the growth of every soul regardless of belief system. Takes a unique and vivid Zen/Dream/Dead Saint approach to scripture interpretation that will fascinate Christians, followers of all faiths, and even skeptics. Elaborates Earth as God's Bootcamp--the great school for learning not just mundane but essential spiritual lessons.

6X9 P/B, 403 pp.