HEAVEN THERAPY: Insights into the Afterlife Book

HEAVEN THERAPY: Insights into the Afterlife Book

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Product Description

By Ross Bartlett

For anyone who has ever wondered if there is something beyond our everyday existence, for every person who has felt the pain of the loss of someone close to them passing over, this is likely to be the most healing and ultimately uplifting book you will ever read. Written from a down-to-earth perspective and using the words of his clients, the reader will see from the first page that Ross will take us on a journey from earth to heaven.

His stories demonstrate not just that our essence, our spirit and soul survive physical death, but that after we pass over we continue to be able to watch over, and visit with, those we love and left behind here on Earth. These stories will show that yes, we all have eternal life and in fact, we can't die for the life of us.

6X9 P/B, 224 pp.