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Product Description

by Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D.

Subquantum Kinetics is a revolutionary physics methodology that was inspired by advances in our understanding of how nonequilibrium reaction systems spawn self-organizing wave patterns. Replacing the fragmented and self-contradictory framework of modern physics, subquantum kinetics opens the door to a truly elegant unified field theory. Subquantum Kinetics also leads to a new view of our cosmos: an open, order-generating universe, continuously creating matter and energy. Its prediction of a new form of energy, continuously emerging within all planets and stars, led to the discovery that planets, brown dwarfs, and red dwarf stars all share a common mass-luminosity relation and it also anticipated the anomalous blueshift found in the Pioneer 10 maser signal. This book addresses many other subjects such as: Is the universe really expanding? What produces the cosmological redshift? Do black holes really exist? What makes stars pulsate? Why do blue supergiants produce supernova explosions? What powers galactic core explosions?

6X9, 342 pp.