AR Book - Secret Knowledge PDF Download

AR Book - Secret Knowledge PDF Download

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It has been said that the history of the world is a war between secret societies. Those who follow this line of thinking believe that everything that occurs in the mundane world, in which we all live, has begun as a thought in someone's mind, and that more advanced individuals among us are capable of creating larger effects for their thoughts, and that, indeed, the very advanced of both good and evil intent, have organized themselves to guide (or subvert) the outer world in accordance with their secret agendas. In the book Secret Knowledge, the Atlantis Rising Library edition, J. Douglas Kenyon, editor of Atlantis Rising - the 'magazine of record' for ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies, and future science-has assembled a unique collection of over 30 articles introducing the reader to many aspects of the ancient secret warfare.

From: the seventeenth century Rome of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, as portrayed in the Dan Brown book and movie Angels & Demons; to: the occult machinations of the Third Reich; from: the Great Pyramid and the world after death, to: the "underground stream" and Rennes-le-Chateau in southern France; from: the Design of the Temple in the capitol of the United States in Washington, D.C.; to: the John Dee/007 connection; from: the secrets of the Cathedrals; to ancient labyrinthine paths in caves and elsewhere. Among the many great writers in the volume are Andrew Collins, Phillip Coppens, Frank Joseph, Gary David, Stephen V. O'Rourke and more. Fascinating topics include: exploring ancient texts for secrets of the Beings 'Who Fell to Earth' ("The Fate of the Watchers"); searching Moscow subways for centuries-old documents ("The Lost Library of Ivan the Great"); tracking the ancient British "Stone of Destiny" ("Uneasy Stone"), and more.

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