NEW EVIDENCE OF EARLY MAN The Dark Side of Archeology 2 DVD Set

NEW EVIDENCE OF EARLY MAN The Dark Side of Archeology 2 DVD Set

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Figures of extinct, ice age animals were carved by humans on a Mammoth bone. But this valuable artifact was recalled from the Smithsonian Museum and is now lost. Life Magazine featured the story of this amazing discovery, but when dates of more than a quarter of a million years came out, it became a scientific forbidden zone. This is the story of great archeological discoveries about mans true origins and the people who would keep this information from the general public, that would change the way we see our selves and our origins.

LOADED WITH BONUS FEATURES: Bonus Interviews / Scene Selection / Web Enhanced / Interactive Menus.

Includes Original Uncut Bonus Interviews with: *Virginia Steen-McLintyre *Hal Malde *Michael Waters *Neil Stek *Marshall Payne

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"New Evidence of Early Man Suppressed" is a UFOTV documentary about the controversies surrounding Hueyatlaco, an archaeological site in Valsequillo, Mexico. The site is prominently featured in Michael Cremo's books "Forbidden Archaeology" and "Forbidden Archaeology's Impact". Cremo is a supporter of the Hare Krishna who claims that evidence for the immense antiquity of man has been ignored or suppressed by the scientific establishment. Hueyatlaco is also mentioned in the notorious documentary "Mysterious Origins of Man", narrated by Charlton Heston. "New Evidence of Early Man Suppressed" is marketed as a kind of sequel to "Mysterious Origins of Man".

In 1962, Cynthia Irwin-Williams excavated the Mexican site and found evidence of early human habitation. Her work was soon mired in controversies. Jealous Mexican colleagues accused Irwin-Williams of "incompetence", sent armed guards to threaten her workers, and finally confiscated all the Stone Age artefacts found by the American team. They are lost to this day. Fortunately, Irwin-Williams' team had made plaster casts of the ancient tools and managed to send them to the Smithsonian. Things went from bad to worse when various radiometric dating techniques suggested that Hueyatlaco might be 250,000 years old! According to received scientific wisdom, humans didn't settle the Americas until about 15,000 years ago. Irwin-Williams refused to publish the erratic dates, but the case was taken up by one of her assistants, Virginia Steen-MacIntyre. Today, Hueyatlaco is mostly associated with her. Steen-MacIntyre is featured in Cremo's books and "Mysterious Origins of Man". Needless to say, mainstream science regards her claims as completely erroneous, since they contradict virtually everything else we know (or assume we know) about human prehistory.

"New Evidence" attempts to reopen the case for the antiquity of Hueyatlaco. The documentary features Marshall Payn, a millionaire who has financed new digs at the site. Virginia Steen-MacIntyre is interviewed, and we get to meet the old controversialist George Carter. Hal Malde, who co-authored several papers with Steen-MacIntyre, and the "token sceptic" Michael Waters are also shown. Robert Schoch's name is shown in the end credits (Schoch is a geologist who created a stir among Egyptologists when he attempted to re-date the Sphinx).

The documentary is slow-paced and pedagogical, and explains the various issues involved in a relatively comprehensible manner. Of course, it's fiercely partisan, rejecting Waters' "official" explanation that the stratigraphy of the Mexican site has been misinterpreted. It also spins various conspiracy theories, claiming that "They" want to stop further excavations at Hueyatlaco, suppress critics, etc. A more rational explanation is that Payn's team was stopped by corruption and Mexican resentment towards meddling "gringos". Somebody has illegally built a large house at the exact spot of the Hueyatlaco site, which is federal property. I suppose the people involved in this land grab don't like foreigners peeking in.