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Who Is Responsible? Tesla? the Nazis? NASA? Or a Breakaway Civilization? Timothy Green Beckley, Sean Casteel, Tim R. Swartz (with Additional Material by Commander X)

The Secret Space Program is among the most clandestine efforts ever undertaken and the questions are many as to who is responsible for its adaptation. Did the aliens establish colonies on the Lunar and Martian surfaces that we have seen and photographed despite attempts by NASA to eradicate them from photographic prints? The answers are of utmost importance despite the fact that the American public is being kept in the dark about a subject so intriguing, so controversial, that its mere utterance creates a frustrating clash among skeptics and those in opposition who claim they have access to undeniable proof. Indeed, are scientists and others traveling back and forth between colonies already established in space? Have their memories been erased so they have only dream-like recollections of such adventures? Even Jules Verne and other early science fiction pioneers might have hinted that secret societies had developed advanced technologies that enabled them to venture beyond our atmosphere. 8X11 P/B, 228 pp., Illus.